About The Austin Cut

Austin Cut Issue 1

The Austin Cut Issue #1 - June 2011

The Austin Cut was founded in 2011 by Brandon Roberts, Lisa van Dam-Bates, and Josh Newport. Issue #1 was published on June 1, 2011. It printed from June 2011 to June 2013 and continues on as an online-journalism outlet run by Roberts.

Our mission is to write what nobody else is writing, and be brutally honest about it ... our in our own words, publish "raw uncompromising, independent journalism."

As a print publication, we were a very small, volunteer-ran organization. We tried to make it very clear that it wasn't about money, but about publishing stories we felt were missing in the general Austin-media mainstream. We printed original, high-quality, in-depth journalism using our own style and wit.

After two and a half years of printing, it became clear that we couldn't afford to print any more without claiming bankruptcy. (Among many things that led to our demise, the increase of already-high printing costs and advertisers taking print-advertising less and less seriously hit us hardest.)

From the Internet, we will continue to publish innovative, original investigative content and promote others who do the same.