Drink of the Month: Rice-A-Rummy


My parents are weirdos. That’s really what my present-day dietary restrictions boil down to. When I was growing up we couldn’t have sugar, dairy, processed anything, or tasty anything. So, I was raised on rice milk, used sparingly because “it’s expensive.” To me, cereal tastes normal with rice milk. Coffee tastes normal with rice milk. My palate thinks that soy milk is gross and grainy, and regular milk is too thick and creamy. So, it’s no surprise that I want to drink my White Russians with rice milk, or that I want to make delicious new beverages with it too.

This one is tropically inspired and, if you have a blender, would be good in smoothie form too.


  • Ice

  • Rice milk (original, not vanilla)

  • Coconut rum

Bacardi Coco costs a little more than Malibu, but has almost twice the alcohol – 21% vs. 35%. Otherwise get whichever brand is cheapest – you’ll get a hangover no matter the quality. If you’re going to make a smoothie of it, add some pineapple and you’ll basically be drinking the healthiest most delicious piña colada ever.


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