Drink of the Month: Summer Bummer

imageThis August, while you're sitting by your bacteria infested, pee-ridden pool, wishing that the whole public-pool swimming experience hadn't been ruined for you by Brandon, take comfort in knowing that you can stay refreshed and hydrated with this drink. Maybe if you drink enough of them you'll decide that the bacteria in your apartment's pool is nothing to worry about and you'll take a dip (just so you can pee without going back to your apartment).

1.5 oz. white rum

2 or 3 mint leaves

1 can of coconut juice

1 lime wedge

Chop up the mint in really small pieces (or use a food processor). If you have a bar-kit, you can muddle the mint and lime together like you would for a mojito. Fill a glass with ice and sprinkle the mint, squeeze the lime and pour the rum. Fill to taste with the coconut juice. I like the coconut juice that has pulp and I prefer unsweetened. If you like a sweeter drink use sweetened coconut juice or spiced rum instead of white. Stir vigorously with a straw, or shake (if you have a shaker), go poolside and enjoy.


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