Drink of the Month: Sippin’ on Gin 'n’ Cukes

Limon Pepino - Cucumber Lime

I once worked at a bar where several regular customers brought their own mixers. One older woman swore that her organic black cherry-currant juice kept her from getting hangovers. A couple of other women banded together and demanded that the bar start buying Crystal Light lemonade. Obviously, I thought that these old hags were insane. That was before I found the mixer of my dreams that I can’t imagine drinking a cocktail without. Shockingly enough, it’s made by Gatorade. I think it’s the only flavor that the company makes that actually tastes like a real ingredient found in nature. (I’ve never tasted a glacier freeze or a burst of frost, but maybe people that live farther North have.) Lime and Cucumber Gatorade has got to be the most refreshing and delicious product out there. It’s perfect for summer soccer all by itself, but I think it would taste even better if we make it a little more mature.

  • Make a glass of desired size full of ice.
  • Fill halfway with gin.
  • Top off with lime and cucumber Gatorade.

While I think that this is really best with gin, it makes a bomb chaser for tequila shots and might be good in a Mojito too.


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