The Mulder-ita


Some of my favorite X-Files episodes are those in which Mulder and Scully let loose and have a drink (or in Scully's case, a cigarette). Mulder is not only a prodigy when it comes to writing profiles on serial killers nor is he only crafty when uncovering the conspiracies surrounding EBEs (extraterrestrial biological entities). When it comes to mixing a drink, the man is downright genius. While staying in a shitty motel, in some equally shitty small town, Mulder gets creative and mixes a screwdriver by putting frozen orange juice concentrate into a pint of vodka. This is so smart because the juice is already frozen and super concentrated, resulting in a frosty and very juicy tasting beverage. Honestly, that is probably the best screwdriver anyone has ever made. So, I'm taking his brilliant concept and making something a little tastier for this month's recipe:

Buy a pint of your favorite shitty tequila.* Or a bigger bottle if you intend to share.

Buy a container of frozen limeade—this should be the concentrated kind that you need to add water to. We'll be adding alcohol instead.

Do a shot or two of the tequila to make room for some frozen juice.

Add the frozen juice to taste (this is probably going to be messy, but I don't see any way around that). Shake well and enjoy.

*If you absolutely can't stand tequila (some people say it makes them a "mean drunk" or that their clothes "fall off"), try it with whiskey.


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