Drink of the Month: Ever heard of a Bloody Mary shot?


It's weird, but the idea of a Bloody Mary is usually better than the actual thing. For me, anyway. I always think that I want one, but once it comes, I know I was wrong. Maybe it's because I'm too picky, or because I'm too cheap to order the good vodka. I don't know! But if y'allz is getting wasted this month and need a quick hangover fix in the morning, I suggest a Bloody Mary shot.

First: pour one shot of vodka. You can buy pepper flavored (Absolut Peppar is my favorite) or just buy whatever plain vodka you want and grind pepper into it.

Next: pour a shot of tomato juice. Not Clamato or Bloody Mary mix! Just plain tomato juice. I like to add hot sauce to the tomato juice. (Cholula!)

Last: drink the vodka shot, then tomato juice shot and eat an olive or suck on a lime. Do you like a sour or salty BM (also an acronym for bowel movement, good to know)?

There. You just drank a Bloody Mary in like two seconds.


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