A Tale of Two Burgers

![When Burgers collide, you get things like this: one hell of a freakshow of a show flier.][] *When Burgers collide, you get things like this: one hell of a freakshow of a show flier.* For years upon years, burgers, both cheese and ham, have been regular staples of teenage rock n’ rollers coming of age in America. From their beginning in the malt shops of the 1950s where they got their start, being gladly eaten alongside shakes and fries to the musical stylings of Gene Vincent and Buddy Holly, to the other day, when I scarfed one down before the musical stylings of some of Austin’s own young rock n’ rollers at the 29th Street Ballroom, they still remain a standard for hungry dudes and ladies who want something that’s going to fill them up and not empty their pockets. They have literally fueled and sometimes even inspired so many people in the punk rock scene that I’m convinced they’ll be around forever. Here we take a look at what’s on our plates for SXSW, served up by two of my favorite Cheeseburger/Hamburger obsessed rock n’ roll institutions: Burger Records, an amazingly prolific record company based out of Fullerton, CA. They have a great eye for new talent, as well as awesome, more seasoned rock n’ roll bands. And Burger City: an entity that is whatever it needs to be, whenever it needs to be, and was cooked up right here in Austin, by the equally prolific modern day renaissance dude, Ben Tipton. While not a record company, Burger City does a similar solid to the same community, whether it’s getting people into new good music or old great music or helping up-and-coming bands catch a break. Both of these cheddar-covered powerhouses are always willing to give musicians a greasy helping hand along their way to greatness or obscurity. Burger City and Burger Records will be killing it: **WED. 14th @ TRAILER SPACE RECORDS** *w/ HABIBI, HAUNTED TIGER, THE ZOLTARS, WRONG WORDS, JOHN WESLEY COLEMAN, TOMORROWS TULIPS, PART TIME, SAM FLAX, TIGER HIGH, MIKAL CRONIN, TOUGH SHITS, GAP DREAM, PANGEA, LOVELY BAD THINGS, WHITE MYSTERY, AUDACITY, NIGHT BEATS & A SECRET BAND!!* This show, last SXSW, was easily my favorite. Burger Records brought out some of my favorite bands, including White Mystery, Mean Jeans, Shannon and the Clams, Hunx and his Punx, Feeding People, and tons more I didn’t even know I loved 'til I went to the show. I would expect this year to be no different with the likes of Austin’s own, The Zoltars, bringing some fuzzed out, surf drenched, garage rock as a companion to John Wesley Coleman’s much loved, brilliantly garbled songs of love and hate about bad ladies, dogs, cops, and getting fucked up. Tomorrows Tulips make you savor some dreamy bummed out stoner pop. Mikal Cronin and his band will blast out some garage rock that will make it easy for you to see why he’s been a musical colleague of Ty Segall for so long. Tough Shits have some dirty punk rock for you, while Pangea’s got a good rock n’ roll feel with pop notions. Alex White and her brother Francis make up White Mystery: a rhythm heavy two piece, that blows through heavy, incredibly catchy songs belted out by Alex White while she swirls around those tangerine curls. Audacity nails out some awesome power pop and Night Beats play some almost Seeds reminiscent real garage rock. **THUR. 15th @ SPIDER HOUSE w/ PSYCH FEST** For this event, Burger Records joins forces with Austin’s own tripped-out Psych Fest. While the bands were still to be announced at time of press, you can guarantee these bands are going to scramble your brains. **THURS. 15th, BURGER CITY SHOWCASE @ THE LIBERTY** *w/ BURNT ONES, ERIC & THE HAPPY THOUGHTS, THE WOLF, HECTORS PETS, DEAD GHOSTS, BARRERACUDAS, KING LOUIE'S MISSING MONUMENTS* Getting down on East Sixth, Burger City has put together a nice mix of bands from California, New York, New Orleans, and Austin. Burnt Ones kick off an awesome night of riled and wild rock n’ roll bands. Eric and The Happy Thoughts dish out addictive guitar hooks with poppy vocals, The Wolf will be cranking out their catchy garage rock songs fans can’t help to sing along with, whether or not they know the words. New York rock n’ rollers Barreracudas bang out some killer songs with a little bit of Stones twang and King Louie and his Missing Monuments finish off the set with some NOLA rock. **FRI. 16th @ THE GRAND** *w/ THE SHIVAS, CRYSTAL ANTLERS, VOMETTES, GRAPE STREET, BURNT ONES, LAS ARDILLAS, TIGER HIGH, “SPECIAL GUEST”, LUST CATS OF THE GUTTER, BLUE JUNGLE, DEAD GHOSTS, THE ABIGAILS, DIARRHEA PLANET, BAD SPORTS, GRAVYS DROP, NATURAL CHILD, SUMMER TWINS, COSMONAUTS AND THE RESONARS!* Here is where burgers collide for the first time this week, Burger Records in collaboration with Burger City, stacked up this whoppingly awesome double cheeseburger of a show. This show is held at Burger City’s regular stomping grounds, The Grand, a pool hall with attitude. Burger City holds a party every Monday night throughout the year, where Ben Tipton and often a guest DJ play some of their favorite records, while service industry folk get down and play pool for free. At midnight, a band of Burger City’s weekly picking kicks out some jams 'til close. For this Friday show, they join forces and bring out a slew of music served on a bun. The Shivas are a killer psych-oriented garage-ish band I got to catch at some point last year at Beerland and I still remember enjoying their set. Vomettes is an awesomely nuts party punk band made up of ex-members of The Shitty Beach Boys/Cowabunga Babes/so many other projects who love nothing more than singing songs about titties and punching your mom. Burnt Ones kick out some very listenable Marc Bolan marinaded glam rock. King Tuff is easily one of the most interesting songwriters I’ve really enjoyed in a while, and I love his weirdo voice. Bad Sports are three dudes who are only concerned with using their songs to destroy your mind with awesome punk that’s like power pop with a huge set of balls. Natural Child kills, as always, with feel good rock n’ roll that makes beers way too easy to slam while hanging with friends. Cosmonauts bring their own brand of some strangely catchy drone psych. **SAT. 17th BURGERMANIA! @ SPIDER HOUSE w/ BURGER CITY** 6 STAGES AND 73 OF OUR FAVORITE BANDS!!!! AND ITS ALL FREE! ALL AGES! NO COVER! NO WRISTBANDS! YOU WILL BE BODY SLAMMED, ELECTRIC CHAIRED, BRAIN BUSTED, SUPLEXED, DDT'D, FULL NELSONED, ATOMIC DROPPED AND HEAD LOCKED!!!!!! (Bands listed in the order they're playing.)* * **BALLROOM STAGE** *w/ SQUAREHEAD, THE ZOLTARS, LOVELY BAD THINGS, TOMORROWS TULIPS, BURNING ITCH, BURNT ONES, FLESH LIGHTS,THE WOLF, DEAD GHOSTS, NAT C, JACK OBLIVIAN, "SPECIAL GUEST", LAS ARDILLAS* **BAR ROOM STAGE** *w/ HAUNTED TIGER, LUST CATS OF THE GUTTER, THE ABIAGILS, SWEET TALK, CREAMERS, THE SHRINE, TEENAGE NEWS, KING LOUIE’S MISSING MONUMENTS, HECTORS PETS, THE CHUMPS, "SPECIAL GUEST", BARE WIRES, THE BAD LOVERS* **OUTSIDE STAGE 1** *w/ MOM, STRANGE ATTRACTORS, FUNBOYS, TERRIBLE TWOS, NIGHTMARE BOYS, TOUGH SHITS, SWEAT LODGE, WHITE CRIME, THE RESONARS* **OUTSIDE STAGE 2** *w/ RAYON BEACH, DENNY AND THE JETS, BLUE JUNGLE, VOMETTES, PANGEA, FLASH BOYS, BARRERACUDAS, “SPECIAL GUEST”, COSMONAUTS* **PARKING LOT STAGE** *w/ GRAVYS DROP, THE BEST, SAM FLAX, PART TIME, DIARRHEA PLANET, QUILT, ERIC & THE HAPPY THOUGHTS, AUDACITY, WOMEN IN PRISON, JOHN WESLEY COLEMAN, HEAVY CREAM, USELESS EATERS* **INSIDE SPIDERHOUSE STAGE** *w/ LOS HEADACHES, THE SHIVAS, COATHANGERS, THE WELL, HABIBI, GRAPE STREET, DEAD SPACE, APACHE, BLASTED CANYONS, DIKES OF HOLLAND, GAP DREAM, TIGER HIGH, SUMMER TWINS, WHITE MYSTERY, FEEDING PEOPLE, CRYSTAL ANTLERS* B U R G E R M A N I A A A A A !!!!!!!! Here is where burgers collide a second time and your brain gets fried. This shit will be so totally insane I'm still at a loss for words. Don’t miss out on this killer opportunity to see some bands from all over the country you don’t even know you’re gonna love yet! If you do nothing else, go to this show or you’re gonna feel like an asshole. **SUN. 18th @ THE IRON BEAR w/ CMR TYZ ** *w/ TIGER HIGH, VOMETTES, PANGEA, AUDACITY and more to be announced!* If Burgermania wasn’t enough for you, Burger Records rounds out the week with another collaboration with CMRTYZ, a similarly analogous rock entity, for a drag show as well as killer sets. Stay tuned Burger addicts.

[When Burgers collide, you get things like this: one hell of a freakshow of a show flier.]: http://austincut.com/sites/default/files/images/burgermania.img_assist_custom-498x719.jpg "When Burgers collide, you get things like this: one hell of a freakshow of a show flier."


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