21 year old birthday shot!

Recently, my friend Steven Campos (heyyy baby!) turned 21 years old. As is customary on this most special of days, we took him down to dirty 6th for some free birthday drinks with the intention of getting him totally shitfaced. We succeeded. Steven drank numerous drinks that he does not recall, almost got in a fist fight with a deaf guy that flipped him off (for not buying a button), somehow managed to not puke, and was drunk enough the next morning to not even have a hangover. The only disappointment of the night would be the lack of a particular, somewhat unsanitary, right of passage. Unfortunately this isn't one you can make at home.

Next time your friend has a birthday and you guys go out, make sure to order this for them.

21st birthday shot:

Take a shot glass and empty contents of beer mat (some beer, some liquor, some juice, and God knows what else) into the glass. Drink up!

If anyone is interested in listening to audio of Steven's drunk ride home, it is available online.


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