The Criminal: Listening in on the cops

**April 30th, 9:30-11pm – Pleasant Valley & 5th** Undercover police found a Hispanic male near HEB, who agreed to hook them up. The guy took the cop’s cash and got on his cell phone. He then walked through the neighborhoods off East Cesar Chavez. A small unit of undercover vehicles followed the man around. They suspected that their “target house” was close by. After about an hour, the deal was set up. A vehicle was rumored to show up near 5th and Pleasant Valley. Undercover police moved into position. At around 11pm, a huge silver Chevy Suburban rolled up. Police ran the plates and waited for any minor traffic violations. The guy with the cop’s money (who they called their “target”) got into the car. After a few minutes he got out, and the Suburban took off South towards Cesar Chavez. Police identified the driver as “a big ‘ol female.” The target handed the drugs to the undercover cop and was arrested on the spot. Police chased after the Suburban which was headed towards Riverside. When police pulled the car over, they talked about how fat the woman inside was. She was unable to get out of the car without the aid of her wheelchair which was in the back. One officer said he’s “going to need a paddy wagon to take her away”. **May 4th – North Lamar** On countless occasions police would mention “working girls and users” in this area around the Texan Motel. Anyone considering staying at the Texan should read the google reviews: “Great place to find drugs or whores.” On the police scanner, one officer asked “What is the Texan known for? Sex? Drugs?” Another responded, slowly: “All criminal activity.” **May 6th, Midnight – I-35 Bridge near Holly St** Undercover police stumbled across a suspicious person crawling in and out of the brush. They watched him look into the windows of several parked cars. At one point the man even peered into the windows of one of the undercover cop’s cars. The officer inside hunkered down while the other officers watched closely, assuring him that they could get there in an instant if he tried to break in. The guy ended up not breaking into the undercover vehicle. Eventually a car pulled up, he approached it, and hugged the female driver. Officers questioned him and concluded that "he is just an odd character ... he's been waiting for her out here since 7:30." **May 7th, 10pm – Southwest Austin** A panel van stopped in the middle of the street and a girl jumped out. According to witnesses, she was caught on something and couldn’t run free. A man got out and threw her back inside, slammed the door, and the van sped away. **May 14th, 6pm - Downtown** Two men were caught literally dragging a transient to their car. **May 15th, midnight – Southwest Austin** Police searched for a sixteen year old boy wearing white socks, pajama pants and a sweatshirt. He ran away from home after the caller walked in on him trying to hang himself in his room. **May 21st, 1-4pm – Central East Austin in the Highland Village Apartments** Many local news outlets reported on this standoff. They all reported it as ending “peacefully” and said little more. Police responded to the incident when the suspect’s family members called in saying that he’d locked himself in his apartment. Police believed he was armed. The apartment complex and local businesses were evacuated. Some of the residents had to crawl out their windows. Believing he was armed, SWAT teams positioned accordingly. Snipers readied themselves and aimed to kill. After several hours the police began to launch some sort of grenade or round into his apartment window. Then they sent a robot to his front door, attempting to use it to blow the door off. The robot failed to blow the door off, but it wasn’t long until the suspect surrendered. Police sent the robot in to the apartment to look for weapons or explosives. They found none. When police entered the apartment, they found nothing but a messy room. Fortunately the man wasn’t charged with a crime. Family members requested that he be treated for mental health issues. Police arranged with the apartment manager to have the damage repaired.


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